New CIS technology for strong-reflective surface inspection

2022.06.01 technology introduction

In order to meet market demands with unique product, we are always devoting to technical innovation. During industrial inspection, light source for illumination is very essential. Recently WHEC has developed a new lighting technology for CIS, by which high-reflective surface of metal, film, silicon can be detected out easily.


  • Detect small scratches and letters on the glossy surface by reducing unneeded reflections
  • Get brighter images by suppressing light attenuation with special optical design.
  • Get high resolution images with uniform lighting


  • Metallic sheet inspection
  • Plastic film inspection
  • Silicon film inspection
  • Card inspection
  • Metallic material’s edge inspection

Inspection examples

(1) Metallic sheet printing inspection

With camera

With WHEC new technology

(2) Metallic sheet surface inspection

With camera

With WHEC new technology


If you are looking for a solution for inspecting high-reflective surface, please contact us for more details!