President Message

We will contribute to social development by bringing up our technology and creativity.Message from CEO

WHEC has been developing CIS (Contact Image Sensor) based on technologies developed in the 1980s for fax application by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. By implementing a lot of improvements such as full colorization, our CIS has expanded the usage for financial, medical, and machinery applications. In both European and North America bankcheck scanner market and Chinese banking equipment market, WHEC has gained solid No.1 place.

In order to meet diverse needs, we have been focusing on the development of the sensor IC to have a wide range (from low to high resolutions, high sensitivity, high-speed) of performance. We also have successfully developed a variety of CIS light sources and reading widths. And by utilizing our integrated manufacturing line which can handle from glass process, tool machining to assembly and testing, we can respond to customer needs promptly regardless of the volume.
In recent years we have developed new magnetic image sensors (MIS) and depth image sensors (DIS) and have added them to our product lineup.

We study our customers’ products in depth and continue to make a more free development environment so that we can propose CIS and its related parts with multi-type, small-quantity that matches our customers’ needs in a timely manner.

picture:Production line

We have R&D centers in Japan and China. These are the windows of technical support for customers around the world, in China, Europe, the United States, Canada, South America, Japan, and Southeast Asia. In China, WHEC has been recognized as an outstanding enterprise and received a number of awards.

WHEC constantly nourishes and activates a sense of internationalism in employees, and promotes a challenging spirit to develop element components and CISs that handle new applications, and, placing the utmost emphasis on building deep trust relationships with customers the Company aims to build an enduring enterprise.

President Tetsunori Sawae