Philosophy / policy

WHEC has grown together with the development of contact image sensor technology.
We have further improved sensor technology and are also engaged in the development of magnetic image sensors and electrostatic capacity image sensors.
As we achieve further improvement of sensor technology, our sensors are also becoming more widely used in various fields, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, apparel, medical treatment, industrial machinery, agricultural equipment and printing.

Corporate philosophy

We will contribute to social development by bringing up our technology and creativity.

Management policy

We promptly provide products with high customer satisfaction.

We aim to be a global world-class company by strengthen the competitiveness of our products.

We fill our work environment with fairness, healthiness and cheerfulness.

We contribute to regional economic growth.

We gain a reasonable profit, and put the company on a firm basis for further growth.

Code of conduct

  • Understanding
  • Reliability
  • Passion
  • Appreciation
  • Challenge