Our industry leading products for Image detection, using Light, Capacitance and Magnetism, WHEC has developed different kinds of cutting edge image sensor technology. Our Application fields now include Banking, Industrial Machine Vision, Medical, Agricultural, Logistics to name just a few. Our broad product range within each specific market enables us to fulfill customers needs for standard, Niche and fully customized requirements at highly competitive costs.


WHEC CIS (Contact Image Sensor) are widely used worldwide for various applications.
The applications cover Banking machine, Lottery ( Gaming ) machine, Industry Machine Vision, Textile machine, Medical sensor, Invisible ink ( security ) reading, Ballot and Educational examination scanners etc.

Machine Vision / AOI Application

Our Machine Vision range CIS can be offered with or without integrated light source, alongside our Lens and Optical sensor chips.

Medical Application

Medical CIS is equipped with high performance CMOS chips. Multiple resolution is available and the scanning precision is up to 20μm.

Banking Application

Banking CIS is integrated with reflection and transmission light source(R/G/B/IR/UV). Deep customization is also optional.


With UVC technology, WHEC have developed UVC light source for disinfection of banknote surface. It can be used for banknote counter, banknote sorter and other banking equipment.

Light Source

WHEC high-brightness light source is an external light source, which can be paired with CIS for machine vision application.
It enables users to adjust the lighting angle easily and flexibly.


MIS(Magnetic Image Sensor) is used for high resolution and high speed detection of magnetic pattern and security line of banknote, checks and tickets coated with magnetic ink, etc.


DIS is based on the latest technology for detecting thickness by measuring the variation of electrostatic capacitance, used for detection of tape on banknotes, banknotes overlapping, staples and special ink etc.


AIS is a high speed and high resolution area image sensor made up of several optical lens and sensor modules, used for tiny foreign objects inspection or industrial quality control like textile and specialist paper quality inspection etc.


With CIS technology and wireless technology, we keep on challenging the development of solution product.

Wall Crack Detector

Combined with LPWA tech, wall crack detector based unattended monitoring system can longtime detect crack change on bridges, buildings and tunnels.


Using LED light source technology from CIS, we have developed hydroponic technology and related cultivation kit.

Family Cultivation Kit

Vegetables can be cultivated easily at home by this kit. It is suitable for family vegetable garden and ornamental application.

Business Cultivation Kit

Leaf vegetables can be cultivated indoor space by this kit. The size is suitable for commercial and school research.