Company Overview

WHEC has grown together with the development of contact image sensor technology.
We have further improved sensor technology and are also engaged in the development of magnetic image sensors and electrostatic capacity image sensors.
As we achieve further improvement of sensor technology, our sensors are also becoming more widely used in various fields, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, apparel, medical treatment, industrial machinery, agricultural equipment and printing.

Headquarters address No.179, KeJi Road, Hi-Tech.IDZ Weihai Shandong, China
Establishment date November 18, 2003
Capital RMB 60 million
Chairman Cong Qiangzi
President Tetsunori Sawae
Number of Employee 400 (as of March 2021)
Phone number +86-631-5698128
Japan branch address Takarazuka GM Building 3rd Floor,
Sakasegawa 1-11-35 Takarazuka-shi, Hyogo 665-0035, JAPAN
WHEC Japan R&D Centre
+81-797-78-6965 Google Map
Kawamura Building 2nd Floor,
Tenmacho 9-1,Aoi-ku,Shizuoka-shi,Shizuoka 420-0858, JAPAN
WHEC Shizuoka R&D Centre
TEL:+81-54-266-3127 FAX:+81-54-266-3218 Google Map


  • ISO9001
    (Quality management system)

    Certifications:ISO9001(Quality management system)
  • ISO14001
    (Environment management system)

    Certifications:ISO14001(Environment management system)
  • ISO10002
    (Complaints management system)

    Certifications:ISO10002(Complaints management system)