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Terms of use

It is assumed that upon use of this website (the “Site”) of Weihai Hualing Opto-Electronics Co.,LTD (the “Company”), the user of the site (hereinafter referred to as “User”) agrees to be bound by the provisions set forth in this policy.
These terms and conditions can be changed or revised by the Company without prior notice, etc., and the contents thereof will be posted to this site.
The contents posted on this Site are effective as of this point of time, or at the point designated by the company, and we request that you confirm the most recent content.

Reposting of information is prohibited

Copyright to all data, articles, images, etc. that make up this site are the property of the Company and the authors of images, etc.
No images data or program from this Site may be reproduced on other websites, magazines, in advertisements, unless there are special circumstances of the Company.
However, if permission is obtained from the Company, the User may cite or repost text and articles from this site on another website.
In the event of unauthorized reproduction of information etc. published on this site in violation of the preceding paragraph, the Company will pursue any and all measures based on the copyright law against the offender (warning, complaint, claim for damages, injunctive relief, measures for restoration of reputation, etc.,).

On Browsing of the Site

For browsing this Site, Internet Explorer 11 or above, or Firefox 51.x or above browsers are recommended.
If your web browser version is old, it may not be possible to browse the Site optimally, so we recommend upgrading to the latest version.
If you view the Site in an environment other than these, the Site may not be usable or displayed properly. In addition, please understand that, even with the recommended environment, depending on web browser settings, in some cases the Site may not be displayed correctly.

On prohibited acts

The following acts are prohibited in the use of this site by the User.

  • Act that violates or that threatens to violate the trade secrets, rights, interests, property, privacy, reputation, credibility, etc. of a third party.
  • Act of slander, defamation or intimidation of another user, a third party, or the Company.
  • Act that could cause or threaten to cause harm or disadvantage to another user, a third party, or the Company.
  • Act that threatens to harm the credibility of the Company or the Site.
  • Act of conducting sales activities or other profit-making business.
  • Act contrary to the public order and morality, such as obscene or blasphemous act or expression.
  • Act of use or provision, in conjunction with the Site or through the Site, of harmful programs such as computer viruses, etc.
  • Act in violation of laws and regulations or that threatens to be a violation of laws and regulations.
  • Act of registering under the e-mail address of another person, or of making a false declaration, or notification.
  • Act that would obstruct the operation of this site or act that threatens to do so.
  • Other act that the Company determines to be inappropriate.

On provision of customer information

The Company does not permit customer to offer confidential information on customers, or such proposals as suggestions of new ideas and products, services and technology on our site.
Please understand the case where the Company has not demonstrated the intent to fulfill any particular obligation of confidentiality, in the event that such information is provided by the customer, the Company shall bear no obligation to preserve the confidentiality of such information. Furthermore, the Company is under no obligation of evaluation or utilization with respect to such information.
In addition, even if the company should use information identical to or similar to some or all of the confidential information or proposals provided by the customer, the Company shall bear no responsibility, including the payment of compensation etc. to the User, whatsoever.

On Site outages, etc.

The Company may, without contact or prior notice, suspend, stop, eliminate, change, delete, etc., all or part of the content of this site at its discretion, The Company shall bear no responsibility, even if due to interruption, etc., any harm caused to the User.


The Company makes no warranty and shall assume no responsibility whatsoever, expressly or impliedly, with respect to the Site or its contents, including the matters indicated in the following.

  • The Site and its contents are all correct, safe and useful.
  • The Site and its contents are at all times up-to-date.
  • The Site and its contents are suitable and functional for a particular purpose.
  • The Site and its contents, all or in part, are not the cause of any harm caused to third parties and customers due interruption, halt, elimination, change, or deletion, etc.
  • The Site and its contents do not include harmful computer viruses and other harmful items.
  • Any and all matters related to websites that are accessed by the User through links.
  • Any harm whatsoever caused to the User and third parties due to violation by the User of the terms and conditions set forth in this Site policy.