We have gradually changed company structure by changing the policy of products from FAX & MFP consumer application to various industrial applications.
So that we can make small volume of many types of long running products rather than short-term mass production products.

1985 Creation of world’s first C-MOS-type CIS (Contact Image Sensor)
1990 Launch of CIS-C series with plastic selfoc-lens
October 1995 In partnership with a Japanese company, the company (SHEC) was established in Weihai City, Shandong China, and started developing/producing CIS for FAX application.
November 2003 CIS division of SHEC span-off to form a limited company “WHEC”, and started developing and producing CIS for card reader application
March 2007 Introduced CIS for ATM and lottery application
April 2007 Development and mass production of CIS for laser-MFP application
October 2007 Development and mass production of CIS for medical testing and bank checks
January 2008 Japan R&D Center was established in Amagasaki City, Hyogo, Japan
March 2008 Launch of CIS for banknote scanner application
March 2012 Changed form of company to corporation
May 2014 Begin the development of MIS(Magnetic Image Sensor) and DIS(Depth Image Sensor)
June 2015 Start a new headquarters plant construction
August 2015 Moved Research and Development Center in Takarazuka from Amagasaki, Hyogo
September 2016 September, 2016: WHEC Industrial Park was completed and the headquarter shift.