WHEC Demo Units

2023.07.31 technology introduction

As a pioneer in CIS technology, WHEC believes providing a better user experience is one of our important missions. CIS is a line scan camera module designed to capture images line by line. You can find the difference from common industrial cameras that is explained on this page. Accurate product evaluation is essential before implementing the system. In previous columns, we introduced how CIS is used in the machine vision industry. In this column, we’ll present the CIS demo units.

The large format CIS demo unit is designed to effectively evaluate customized products for inspection purposes, tailored to specific inspection objects. It can evaluate CIS and light sources up to 800mm, and adjustments can be made to the light source’s angle, position, and quantity based on the inspection object. The features include lightweight and simple structure design that one person can assemble it easily. We are also considering further improvements to accommodate CIS and light sources exceeding 800mm.

Watch the demo video for the Large Format CIS Demo Unit

WHEC’s new product, the 2000dpi LIS demo Unit, is characterized by its compact size, fitting within the carry-on size limit for airplanes. It is designed for easy assembly and disassembly. This evaluation unit also allows for adjustments to LIS and light source angles, as well as distance adjustments to focus on the inspection object. These adjustments can be made by hand, making it stress-free to evaluate objects with different conditions.

-Watch the demo video for 2000dpi LIS Evaluation Unit

In addition to the units mentioned above, we made evaluation units tailored to various applications. You can see some examples in the video below.

-Watch the demo video for the Tube Internal Surface Inspection Demo Unit
-Watch the demo video for the IC Wafer Inspection Demo Unit

By sending us your samples, actual image acquisition of the inspection objects is possible. We also offer custom creation of evaluation units based on your specific requirements to provide the best solution. Some units are available for lending, so please feel free to inquire when you have such needs.