A new potential of CIS
Higher-resolution Line Image Sensor

2023.05.15 technology introduction

WHEC is dedicated to developing technology to promote the adoption of CIS in machine vision industry. Our industrial CIS serves as a high-performance image sensor and is utilized in various applications such as lithium battery film inspection, print quality inspection, wafer inspection, and PCB inspection. As a leading company in the CIS industry with a wealth of experience accumulated through years of research on sensors, lenses, mechanisms, and more, we have developed a new product, the LIS (Line Image Sensor), which can detect even smaller scratches and abnormalities with greater precision. The LIS was created through a thorough examination and improvement of lenses and sensors from a fresh perspective, utilizing WHEC’s unique technology.

With advantage of 2000 DPI, it enables the detection of fine details as small as 13 micrometers. This makes it possible to detect small defects and flaws with high precision, contributing to improved production efficiency and quality. Additionally, our product’s greatest strength lies in its customizability, accommodating individual needs and preferences.

We will continue to evolve the LIS technology to achieve even higher performance in terms of reading width, resolution, and other factors. We are committed to continuous technological improvements to meet the ever-growing demands of our users. In addition, we strive to provide customized service to our users to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction.

We have created our own evaluation set to assess the performance of our LIS and offer high-precision demos. If you have a sample, you can see actual images captured by the LIS. We have also uploaded demo videos of the LIS on YouTube, which you can view to experience our 2000 DPI LIS. We have also prepared images of battery films, wafers, PCBs, and more. If you are interested, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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