Solution Product ~Wall Crack Detector Vol.2

2021.12.28 applied products

We are offering you another solution product of Wall Crack Detector series, Crack Digital Scale (CDS). Since the sensor in this device measures crack width automatically, it is more accurate than measuring cracks with general crack width ruler. Our new product saves your time and effort.

About Monitoring Device, please read the last column for details.

User-friendly structure

CDS is handy size and easy to hold. (Fig.1) Control part and sensor part are connected by a cable with 1.5m(4.9ft) length. The cable can be made up to 3m (9.8 ft) as needed. From a small window on the sensor part, it’s possible to find measuring position with user’s eyes. Even though there is a small window, user can hide it with their pointed finger, which can easily block the sunlight that affects when measuring. The buttons for checking temperature and humidity, setting the date and time, calibration, etc. are set with operability, so that it can be used without stress. For the display unit that displays crack width, crack length and so on, OLED is used to display characters clearly even in bright places.(Fig.2)  Since it is operated with AA alkaline batteries, it can be used repeatedly by replacing the battery. LED light inside the small window allows cracks to be seen clearly and the right test position can be easily found. If users don’t touch any button more than a minute, it’s programmed to automatically enter sleep mode to minimize power consumption.





The In-house Know-how to measuring cracks quickly and accurately

By lightly pressing the sensor part against concrete wall, this device automatically measures cracks and shows result immediately. 500 times of measurement data are saved in CDS memory, but users don’t have to worry about shortage of memory because the data can be transferred to PC through USB cable. There are variety of readout data transferred to the PC, not only the measurement results, but also temperature, humidity, and battery level. Therefor the surrounding environment and the state of the module can be easily managed. To more accurately grasp the crack information generated in concrete, not only CIS but also a rangefinder using a roller is incorporated at the bottom of the main unit, and the length of cracks can also be measured. The small window for checking the measurement position has a reference line, and accurate measurement values can be obtained by aligning the reference line to the crack.

Intuitive software and PC application

Crack digital scale can measure and store measurements data to its memory with a few button actions. There are only few buttons, and anyone can use it right away. In addition, the PC app which reads out the data is also simple and easy to use.


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