Solution Product ~Wall Crack Detector Vol.1

2021.10.28 applied products

Around us there are plenty of concrete structures, such as highway, buildings, bridge, and tunnels, which are very essential in our daily life. However, concrete deterioration and crack keep on happening along with time. It becomes necessary to grasp such cracks status and do related maintenance when necessary. Currently the common way to inspect is to use human visual or camera, which costs time and workforce dramatically. To solve this problem, WHEC created a new product with advanced CIS and light source technology, which is named as Crack Moving Detector. With this new detector, cracks on surface of concrete structures can be detected out with advantages of unattended and periodical features.

Accurate Inspection Module for Crack Inspection

Crack detector is assembled on concrete surface with a plate that the main body is firmed on by magnet. (Fig.1) Illuminate the crack portion with infrared light from CIS, and reflection light will be read out by CIS, then crack width and general depth are detected out. The max detecting accuracy is 0.021mm namely absolute value of crack width. With 3 pieces of CIS, crack state tolerance of different position also can be detected out. (Fig.2) As solution for concrete stretching caused by changing of temperature and humidity, the detector inside is equipped with temperature and humidity sensor. Around CIS sensor lightproof structure is set for preventing interference from external light.





Wireless Data Management System

The changing data of concrete crack is transferred to management center by wireless way. With LPWA wireless technology, when crack width value is over set value, alarm will be raised at terminal of smart phone or PC, by which periodical investigation at site becomes unnecessary. As only variation data is transferred, energy saving is realized.

New High-Performance Compact Module

Crack Detector has advantages of compact size, light weight, dust-proof and water drop proof for adapting severe environment of wind and rain. Mounted with magnet makes it easy for battery replacing operation. The position between main body and plate is firmed by structure, with which deviation of detecting position won’t happen after re-setting. Furthermore, falling off countermeasure is fulfilled with cable solution. With these developed features, the operation of crack detector is easy. For introduction video of Crack Detector, please click here for watching it freely.

Crack Moving Detector Flyer

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