CIS Application Printing Inspection

2021.08.05 market introduction

Continue from the last column, we are talking about advantages of our CIS (Contact Image Sensor) in AOI market.
AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) is a way of inspection, which automatically shoots or scans objects to check serious defects. Since this inspection method is performed automatically, it greatly reduces possible mistakes when inspecting by people and also saves labor’s time and efforts. It is an important process for quality control in the production line.
Currently line scan cameras are mostly used in AOI market. Line scan camera has benefits, but also has shortcomings. Our CIS makes up the shortcomings of line scan camera. See this video for differences between CIS and line scan camera.

Printing Inspection that takes advantage of the features of CIS

The most notable point of our CIS is compactness. As a result of comparing our CIS which is integrated light sources, lenses and image sensor IC with our in-house prototype inspection system using line scan camera, we found out that CIS saves up to about 80% of the space. It is easy to handle and install, so users can use our CIS right away without any adjustment.
WHEC CIS has a lot of flexibility, which makes possible to do the inspection according to different objects.
Now let’s see a printing inspection system of snack packing as an example, which can show CIS’s merits above.
The items that need to be checked are 1. whether there is uneven print or not 2. whether the object on the line is conveyed properly 3. Detection of film joints that cannot be used for packaging. CIS is placed where the packages are lined, reading defects of printing and films, and transferring positions.

As shown in the picture, our CIS does not block production line because only you need is a CIS. Not only that but also it is easy to remove and install, making maintenance easier and suppress running costs.

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