CIS Application Scenarios

2021.03.31 market introduction

Why can banks’ ATM and supermarkets’ registers accurately count a lot of money? Have you ever thought about this? CIS (Contact Image Sensor) is active in the scenarios where sorting and counting large amounts of money at high speed is required. In Vol.1 we’ll introduce WHEC core business—financial equipment market.

The difficulty in dealing with banknotes and coins

Money, necessary to everyone, is handled by financial equipment.
There are various points in handling money.
Firstly, the difficulty to form the judgment of “counterfeit money”, it has become more and more difficult to distinguish the authenticity by human eyes in recent years.
In the past not all financial equipment had the function to authenticate currency so that counterfeit could circulate in the market.
Another problem is currency variety, there are more than 100 kinds of currencies in the world. Take Japanese Yen as an example, shape and size vary from 1 Yen coin to 10000 Yen bill.
If human beings do the sorting manually, enormous time and labor will be necessary and there may occur mistakes.

CIS based solution

CIS based financial equipment is the solution aimed to solve above problems.
Unlike previous sensors, CIS captures the image of currency and checks and is able to identify and authenticate currencies of each country.
Besides, the accuracy of the authenticity judgment can be dramatically improved by the CIS equipped with ultraviolet light (UV) and infrared light (IR).
Here is an introduction of CIS application example.
When insert a banknote into the insertion slot of financial equipment like ATM, it is carried to the storage box by rollers and belt.

CIS, which is mounted in the middle of the transport path, scans the banknote. According to the image data, authenticity, type and dirt of banknote can be recognized and then subsequent processing is performed.
Since CIS achieves compact dimension, it is suitable for installation in narrow transport path.

WHEC CIS is also active in other fields besides the financial equipment market.
If you have interest on such CIS, please contact us.
With flexible customization according to customers’ request, let’s realize more valuable products together!