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Application Examples of Large format CIS

The large format CIS developed for the
purpose of reading wide images is a new device,
which overcome the demerits of demagnification CCD cameras
that used to be mainstream.

Application Examples of Large format CIS

Large format CIS is based on a technology we have
developed and offered for high-precision inspection and detection.
It supports reading widths of 800mm of greater and
applied in electronic components, large-scale prints,
apparel, and agriculture and food markets.

  • Electronic components
  • Large-scale prints
  • Apparel
  • Agriculture and food

※We are also able to apply the technology to other fields according to your needs.

Electronic components

Soldering and fault detection on printed circuit boards (PCBs)

Application Examples:Electronic components

Large-scale prints

Detection of fine printing defects, such as cracks, stain, fading, and protrusion,
and high-precision measurement of errors in direction, position, angle, and dimensions of given locations

Application Examples:Large-scale prints


Detection of thread breakage and color defects in weaving with an automatic loom,
including reading of cloth patterns, form, and cutting dies

Application Examples:Apparel

Agriculture and food

Detection of features such as size, form, bruises, scratches, color, and foreign matter

Application Examples:Agriculture and food

※We are also able to apply the technology to other fields according to your needs.