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What is CIS?
CIS is an abbreviation for "contact image sensor", a device to scan objects in contact by sensor-LSI, selfoc-lens, and LED light-source.
What are the advantages of CIS?
Speed and compactness. CIS is capable of high accuracy scanning which is suitable for wide format.
What are WHEC’s strengths?
The strength of WHEC is its capability to meet the needs of customers, to cooperate with the high-mix low-volume production with advanced design capability.
Is there a Japan base?
We have an R&D centre in Takarazuka-City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Please describe the special features of the product lineup.
Introduction of major product series is as follows:
【FC/FW Series】
For full contact with the glass surface.
【LC Series】
Reading positions set at 0.9mm or 0.45mm above the glass to avoid paper jam.
【WLC/WLT Series】
Put light source on both sides to prevent the problem of shadows.
【SW Series】
Slim (18mm) width type of the WLT series.
【UVA Series】
Double light guide type with UV array light source on one side, and R / G / B / IR light sources on the other side.
【UVL Series】
Double light guide type with unique UV bar light source on one side, and R / G / B / IR light sources on the other side.
【UV4L Series】
4 row selfoc-lens for higher image quality and higher scan-speed.
【Q Series】
This product has integrated transmissive light source and reflective light source.
For other products, please contact us by telephone or online inquiry.