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Description & VIdeo Clip

The large format CIS developed for the
purpose of reading wide images is a new device,
which overcome the demerits of demagnification CCD cameras
that used to be mainstream.

Comparison of the large format CIS and the demagnification lens cameras

The demerits of demagnification lens cameras

Demagnification lens cameras

The demagnification lens camera is a device which collects the light reflected from an object into a lens. A CCD image sensor receives the light and converts it into an electrical signal.

Although there is a merit that uneven objects with deep focal depth can also be read clearly through using a lens, on the other hand, there are distinct demerits as follows accompanying the lens.

  • Demagnification lens cameras

    The light path distance from the object to the lens is required.

  • Demagnification lens cameras

    The out-of-focus around the lens is unavoidable.

  • Demagnification lens cameras
  • Demagnification lens cameras

    alignment of the overlapping fields of view is required.

The merit of the large format CIS

Large format CIS Large format CIS

Compactification of the large format CIS is possible because the light path can be reduced with a structure, where the reflected light from the object is collected into an equivalent magnification lens, and the light is converted into an electrical signal by a CMOS image sensor,

  • Large format CIS
  • Large format CIS

and there is no distortion as a demagnification lens is not used.Since there is no overlap of the fields, alignment is not required.

Large format CIS Large format CIS Large format CIS

The large format CIS consists of multiple units, based on an A3 size CIS as one unit.This new device supports a wide range of sizes from A3 up to about 2 meters.