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CIS:ULM5 series※Patent Pending

One integrated light source which consists of Red,green,blue,IR and UV in one bar was developed. Accordingly, an very compact CIS could be designed compared with the conventional type. The ULM5 Series is a new CIS Series that utilizes such a light source.

ulm5 product picture ulm5 product illust

Achieved one configuration of
UV LED and R/G/B/IR!

ULM5 series Specification

Specification table

Item Specification
Scanning width 108mm/183mm/201mm/216mm
Resolution 50dpi/100dpi/200dpi/300dpi/400dpi/600dpi/1200dpi
Clock frequency 8MHz/16MHz
Light source Double reflective light source R/G/B/IR/UV+Transmission light source R/G/B/IR/UV
Depth of Focus 0.9mm(※Adjustable)

Product Features

①Achieving one configuration of UV LED and R/G/B/IR, realized the compactification of the set.

4mm smaller than the conventional product

②Even though shading appears in the folds, objects can be read with the improved DOI and configuration of a light source on both sides.

Conventional product:Shading tends to appear in the creased portions

③Compared with the conventional product, the speed can be increased by double with the configuration of a light source on both sides.

New product:Can even read into folds

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