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CIS:P series

Long depth reading possible for wide objects.

Long depth reading of wide objects up to 960 mm in width! The use of a high-speed sensor IC drastically increases reading speed. Images can be read from a distance of 15 mm or more when compared with the conventional close contact reading structure.

  • Example photos of product Top photo:LH12R658 Bottom photo:PL6R216X

    picture:LH12R658 Expansion
  • Product cross-sectional diagram

    picture:PL6R216X Expansion

P series Specification

Cross-sectional view of product(unit:mm)

P series:Cross-sectional view

Product Features

①Improvements made to the long depth reading function ensure that reading is possible further away from the object compared with conventional models with a close contact reading structure.

②Placing the light source in an array layout provides excellent characteristics when changing the depth of long-focus.

③Sensor ICs are in close contact for reading wide objects so continuous images can be read.

④Drastic improvement to reading speed with the use of high-speed sensor IC.

⑤Customizable reading width, with up to a maximum width of 960 mm currently.

Specification table

Model number Scanning width(mm) Outline size Light source DPI Reading speed
PL6R216X Scanning width(mm)216 Outline size316x54x45.4 Light sourceRGB DPI600/300 Reading speed33μs×3/line
PL3R329 Scanning width(mm)328 Outline size356x34x45 Light sourceRGB DPI600/300/200 Reading speed48μs×3/line
LH12R658 Scanning width(mm)658 Outline size718x54x45.4 Light sourceR DPI1200 Reading speed125μs/line

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